How to Uncover and Polish Kid’s Hidden Talents

How to Uncover and Polish Kid’s Hidden Talents


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How to Uncover and Polish Kid’s Hidden Talents

Kids show signs of their interests and talents at a very young age. It is therefore the responsibility of parents to pick up those signs and pave the right path for their kids according to their interests. Through proper counseling and encouragement our kids can have a better and brighter future. On the other hand, if proper attention is not given, kids can go astray and will have difficulty in the future.

It is important to highlight the key talents of your kids at an early age and focus their attention towards that particular field. Forcing a kid to become what you desire will always have its consequences. Let the child decide what he wants to be according to his interest so that he can serve the community in the most righteous and efficient manner.

We experience cases where doctor parents encourage their kids to be doctors and engineer parents encourage their kids to be engineers. We are not saying that children whose parents are doctors can’t be good doctors or children whose parents are engineers can’t be good engineers. But inheriting a profession according to family interest will stop your child from exploring and discovering his hidden talents, skills and interest. Although being a doctor or an engineer is a highly respectable position in the society but what if your child was born to be a sportsman and could’ve “scored” more in life than you’d expect him to?

Remember that every profession becomes reputable once your child reaches its peak of excellence. Think of all the great sportsmen, chefs, comedians, actors, wildlife adventurists, racers, artists, photographers, painters, musicians, etc. You only remember the ones that have reached the peak of excellence of their profession and are undoubtedly reputable in society. By pushing your kids to choose a career of your choice your child will become nothing but an ordinary person in the crowd. But by encouraging them to excel in the field of their choice you can give them a chance to reach the peak of excellence and become more renowned and respectable citizen.

Observe your kids closely. Spent time with them and you will get to know their areas of interest. There are certain activities for which kids show unusual interest and get excited for. Often kids will tell you themselves what they like or not but you have to be friendly and open to them.
You can ask simple questions to your kids as well. Like what type of toys they like to play the most? Or what games interests them most? Do they like playing indoors or outdoors? What would they like to be when they grow up? If you had not imposed a certain career path on your children you are most likely to get clear and good indications of what your kids like or not.

If still you are unsure about your kid’s behavioral indicators then you should go for professional counseling. There are certain cases where kids feel shy or fear to openly answer questions to their parents. In this case proper counseling is required before it’s too late.