Top 7 Family Entertainment Websites You Should Definitely Browse

Top 7 Family Entertainment Websites You Should Definitely Browse


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Top 7 Family Entertainment Websites You Should Definitely Browse

The World Wide Web is a collection of billions of websites and is continuously growing at a tremendous pace each second. Out of the billions, some websites top all the others in terms of their content, user-friendliness, fast loading times and many other features. We have prepared a list of 7 most favorable sites that offer exciting and entertaining content for the whole family.


National Geographic Channel: This is one TV channel that is watched in almost every home. Kids and young all like to watch NGC. The channel also boasts an impressive website where you and your family can read interesting articles on animals, environment, travel, adventure, and many other topics. You can even subscribe to their newsletter and the get insights straight to your inbox.


World Wrestling Entertainment: We all have to confess that we have been a wrestling fan at some stage of our life. If you or your kids still watch wrestling, then the WWE website has all the official news, videos, wallpapers and merchandise for you. Don’t wait for your superstar to show up on TV, log on to the website and get instant updates.


The Internet Movie Database (IMDb): The IMDb is unarguably the largest resource for international movies. Here you can find your favorite movies, get release dates for new movies, find information about cast and crew, get parental advisory views and reviews on movies and much more. You can even read summaries movies before watching to get an idea what the movie is about before investing your time.


ESPN: For any sports fan ESPN is a name that needs no introduction. ESPN’s website offers a great deal of information on past, current and future sporting events taking place globally. You will get real time updates on scores and can even subscribe to their newsletter for a later read.


Aliexpress: Aliexpress is a business-to-consumer portal offered by world’s largest online B2B Company, Alibaba. Aliexpress offers a great deal of affordable and good quality products. From household items to fashion and apparel, anything that you can think of is available on Aliexpress and in highly affordable rates. The company offers buyer protection and money back guarantee so you can be sure that your products will reach your home or else you are going to get a refund.


Miniclip: Miniclip is another great family entertainment website where you can play high quality flash games free of charge. There are different categories of games so you never get bored by playing only one type. There are racing games, arcade games, strategy games, puzzle games, sports games and many more. Some games even allow social media integration like Facebook and Google plus. This makes it really exciting as you can compete with your friends or compare scores.


Makeuslive: Makeuslive is an emerging and free video sharing and hosting platform. The website consists of a large number of  world most amazing online videos sorted into categories like funny clips, entertainment, lifestyle, science and technology, military, fashion shows, health, tutorials, sports, movies and the list goes on. Users can even contribute by sharing their own videos free of charge.