Future Technologies That Will Have a Huge Impact on Our Lives

Future Technologies That Will Have a Huge Impact on Our Lives


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Future Technologies That Will Have a Huge Impact on Our Lives

Technology is rapidly changing and reshaping our lives with every passing second, unlocking door to endless possibilities. We now live in a world where a car drive itself and where exploring unreachable destinations can be done at home through augmented reality. Listed below are some of the most groundbreaking advancements in science and technology that will redefine our expectations from the future.

Drones for Farming:

Inspired by military drones, these farming drones would provide farmers with a real time bird’s eye view and surveillance of their field. Farmers and agriculturists would be having a better time inspecting their crops for watering and pest control.

Encrypted Communication over Smartphone:

With the intrusion of government and advertising agencies on cellular communication privacy has become a big question. Personal identifiable information is being used for monetizing and for tracking and tracing a person’s location, activities, behavior, etc. Encrypted communication will provide completed anonymity of communicators so that users can have the right to protect their privacy and stop the ongoing invasion.

Self balancing, all terrain robots:

Walking is a trait in which living beings such as humans and animals are known to be specialized. By understanding the terrain of the habitat, humans and animals have learnt to adjust their weight and apply just the right force so that they do not trip. Scientists are now developing such robots which have the same ability. These robots will sense the surface and would walk and run by understanding the characteristics of the hurdles.

Renewable energy:

Renewable energy is certainly the future of how we are going to deal with our power requirements. With much of the world’s natural resources getting consumed rapidly we are left with nothing but to rely on renewable sources for energy generation. Integration of advance computing systems in wind turbines would allow better forecasting and calculation of efficiency for wind turbine farms.

Virtual Reality:

Advance 3D imagery and augmented reality will be the future of graphical entertainment such as in video games and movies. With Oculus Rift already in play virtual reality has already become a reality. The wearable gadget would allow users to enter a virtual world where they can turn around 360 degrees and interact with the environment.

Quick Charging Electric Cars:

Electric cars are definitely offer a cheaper and eco-friendly mode of transportation. A hurdle with electric cars is that they do not charge up as quickly as a fuel powered vehicle does. Much development is going on to make the use of electric cars more practicable by bringing innovation in the way these cars charge up.

Brain Mapping:

After investing a decade in the field of neuroscience, scientists have developed the most advanced 3D map of the human brain which provides detailed view of the structure of the human brain up to 20 micrometers. This new brain atlas will open doors in discovering the mysteries of the human brain and will allow advance research and development for ailment of several neurological and psychological complications.