7 Miraculous Events That Are Hard To Believe

7 Miraculous Events That Are Hard To Believe


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7 Miraculous Events That Are Hard To Believe

There are pretty weird and hard to believe incidents taking place all over the world every second. We have tried to bring a few of the most miraculous and unbelievable events that have shocked us the most. We hope that you will find this shocking and informative at the same time.

The Chimpanzee that got addicted to smoking and drinking: A chimpanzee named Zhora at the Rostov Zoo Russia got addicted to smoking and drinking. Locals were responsible who were naughtily slipping cigarettes and vodka bottles to the ape which was affecting its health. The sight of an ape drinking and smoking was shockingly amusing to the people.

A premature baby who was pronounced dead came back to life: Kate Ogg gave birth to twins; a girl and a boy. The boy was pronounced dead at the time of the birth. However the mother, out of affection held her close to her chest put a drop of milk in his mouth. Miraculously the child gasped for air and was rushed to the ICU where he came back to life.

When jelly-like mysterious blobs started raining in Oakville Washington: In 1994, a strange rain poured down on the town of Oakville in Washington. This was not an ordinary occurrence of rainfall. Shapeless, strange-looking, transparent blobs fell from the sky. Locals who got exposed fell sick. Even stranger was the fact that the blobs had human white blood cells and bacteria that is found in human digestive system.
When a 5 mile long lake suddenly disappeared: The disappearance of the lake in Patagonia, Chile literally stunned scientists and geologists. The large lake vanished without leaving behind a drop of water. All what was left was a big crater.

Man saves the same child falling from a window twice: Joseph Figlock was walking down a street when suddenly a child dropped onto him. The mother by mistake dropped the child from the window. The baby remained unharmed. A year passed had passed and the same incident happened again. The same mother dropped the same child on the same man through the same window. Amazingly the child and the man suffered no injuries.

Wedding ring saved a man’s Life: Donnie Register was attacked by two armed men when he was at a registrar’s office for official paperwork for his marriage. The attackers misjudged Donnie’s hand motion as a sign of resilience and shot him. Surprisingly, Donnie’s engagement ring deflected the bullet saving him his life.

A woman who survived a fall from an airplane: Vesna Vulvoic holds the world record for surviving the highest fall, from an airplane, which was almost 10,000 meters above the ground. The 22 year old stewardess was on a flight when a bomb exploded causing it to crash on the ground. All but Vesna Vulvoic died as a result of the crash. She suffered severe injuries but recovered miraculously after 27 days. The number 27 also matches with the number of passengers who died on that unlucky flight.