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10 Super Cute Animals That Are Lethally Dangerous

10 Super Cute Animals That Are Lethally Dangerous


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10 Super Cute Animals That Are Lethally Dangerous

Slow Loris: The Slow Loris is one of the most cute, innocent looking, furry animal that appears to be harmless. Have you not been reading this article, you wouldn’t resist touching and patting this cute little monster. But beware; the Slow Loris packs in a deadly toxin secreted from its elbow which it mixes with saliva and could kill a human.

Blue Ringed Octopus: Found in the seas of Australia and Japan, this tiny octopus is a highly venomous species. Though it is really small in size, it has a venomous bite that can kill you in minutes if stepped on. The worst part is that there is no antivenom to neutralize its bite.

Bears: The only bear that you should hug and sleep with is the stuffed teddy bear, the rest are all extremely dangerous. Bears are known to attack humans with provocation. Both polar bears and grizzly bears are skilled hunters so it is better to stay away from them if you spot them in the wild.

Leopard Seals: Seals are thought to be cute and playful animals, juggling balls over their heads and jumping through rings in circuses and water parks. But there is one kind of seal you don’t want to mess with. Leopard seal is an aggressive predator that lives in the Antarctic and has attacked and dragged marine biologists to death while snorkeling.

Elephants: Elephants had been tamed for centuries and have been put into use for transportation since ancient times. This giant animal can ram a person to death if agitated specially in the wild. Elephants can run up to 25 mph and if you get into their range there are less chances of survival.

Frogs: To some people frogs are tiny, cute little animals that pose no harm. They are often kept as pets and not all frogs are poisonous. Frogs which exhibit sparkling and charismatic colors are usually highly poisonous and you better stay away from them. A common example is the poison dart frog.

Wild Dogs: Unarguably dogs are man’s best friend but if you encounter one in the wild it is better to stay at a safe distance. Wild dogs usually live in packs and can prey down humans.

Apes: Although they are the closest cousins of humans, they can go wild and launch ferocious attacks if they feel threatened or provoked. Larger apes like orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas have been reported to attack humans, severely injuring them. Smaller apes though cannot lethally injure humans but can transmit several deadly diseases through their bites.

Ant eaters: This timid and furry animal feeds on ants and termites. It uses its claws to dig out insects from the ground. Although they usually don’t attack humans but if threatened, ant eaters can rip off human flesh using their powerful and sharp claws.

Dolphins: Although dolphins are usually playful and affectionate towards humans, this mysteriously intelligent animal has all the necessary skills to take down humans. They get more ferocious during the mating seasons and can even kill for fun.