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10 Instant Fashion Hacks that’ll make you a Star in a Flash

10 Instant Fashion Hacks that’ll make you a Star in a Flash


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10 Instant Fashion Hacks that’ll make you a Star in a Flash

We all have been stuck in some sticky situations at some time in the past where just as we were about to attend a corporate event, a fashion show, a formal party, a birthday of a friend, etc and the zipper of our favorite jeans came out or the trousers that we bought turned out to be too tight or too loose. To counter such dilemmas you need to learn a few instant hacks that will fine tune your attire instantly, thus saving time and ridding you off from frustration.


Long Jeans: Did you buy jeans that is too long and will drag around with your feet whenever you go? Try wearing long shoes to conceal the long jeans. Fold the jeans up then wrap it around your ankle, wear a sock over it so that it remains in place and put on a long shoe. Voila! You are good to go now!


Zipper sliding Down: There is at least one pair of jeans in every wardrobe whose zipper slides down and never stays up. Use a small key chain ring and slide it in the zipper hole and then into the button of your jeans. Save yourself from embarrassment!


Deodorant Marks: Ever tried skipping shower just because you are running late using perfume and/or deodorant and then getting deodorant marks all over your shirt? There is a simple remedy to it. Keep baby wipes handy and the next time you get those marks just wipe them off with a baby wipe.


Tight Shoes: Do you have a pair of shoes that are too tight? You can easily loosen them up by placing zipper bags filled with water and then place them in the freezer. Shove the bag as much as you can, filling up the area. You’ll get two things in the morning; loosened shoes and a nice scolding from your mom.


Leg Warmers: Cut off the sleeves from old sweaters and use them as leg warmers in winter. No need to buy new when you can repurpose old things.


Sweat Marks: Sweat marks on the armpits of shirts do not easily go away even after washing. Use lemon juice to spray the area before washing and you won’t have to worry about any stubborn sweat marks anymore.


Chewing Gum Removal: Chewing gum is a real pain to remove if it gets stuck to fabric. Pulling out a chewing can be messy and will take a good amount of time. Use an ice cube to rub the edges and scrape off the chewing gum cleanly without leaving behind a mark.


Torn Jeans: Wear tights under torn jeans to conceal the holes in your old jeans. Old jeans are more comfortable and you shouldn’t just throw them away like that!


Lint Ball Removal: Lint balls can collect over your sweaters and make them look old. You can get rid of these tiny balls of fabric by using a disposable razor. Make sure you don’t get too hard on it.


Wine Stains: Remove red wine stains with white wine.

See how easy it is to be a fashionable celebrity. Use your creativity to mold things in your favor and who knows you might become the next fashion influencer.